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insel Guide Service is a licensed full time fishing service serving major Texas lakes such as Richland Chambers, Lake Limestone, & Lake Fairfield. Fish comfortably in a 2006 22 foot triton with a 2013 250hp Mercury Optimax pro/xs. All Ages are welcome.

Lake Limestone - 13,680-acre lake located 15 miles southeast of Groesbeck in Leon, Robertson, and Limestone counties.

Best Catches:
Blue Cats
Sand Bass

Lake Limestone is known for it's crappie & cats. Ginsel knows where to find them both. We are the only full-time guide available for Limestone... and as quoted in Fishing & Hunting News (No limestone, but lots of crappie, sandies: "Lake Limestone"; Aug 19 - Sept 2, 1999, pp. 44-46) "...it's tough to beat Limestone as a crappie lake." And in late July clients limited out on 6 out of 8 trips. Most of all crappies are keepers, ranging 11-14 inches, and with another year's growth Ginsel is excited about what the next year will hold. And as far as the blue cats go... Ginsel says, "...For someone that enjoys catching and eating catfish, this is the spot to mark on your map..." Last year Ginsel landed a 59-pounder on a rod and reel from Limestone and catches cats ranging from 2-25 pounds on average. Once again, Ginsel is proving his ability to find and catch the biggest and best fish on the lake.

Richland Chambers Reservoir - 44,752-acre lake located East of Corsicana off Hwy 287 and is known as the "blue cat hotspot."

Best Seasons:
Blue Cats: October - May
Crappie: May - September
Hybrids: Spring/Fall

This is the lake for cats and hybrids and when it comes to this lake - Keith Ginsel knows his fish. He has been highlighted in Fishing & Hunting News (Richland Chambers, It's a smorgasbord out there, "Cats & Hybrids" July 8 - Aug 5, 1999 pp 21-22). Writer Luke Clayton covers Keith Ginsel and his guide service and Ginsel's ability to understand their habits. Ginsel is quoted as saying, "Catching blue cats is relatively easy, finding them is the trick," and finding them is not a problem for him. "Knowing where they school, and what they bite is essential," he says. "Blue cats commonly run 1-8 pounds, but catching fish over 10 isn't uncommon. This tid-bit sums up his blue cat catching ability; Ginsel is quoted as keeping track of fishing for blue cats in late May of 1999, and on eight trips to Richland Chambers he had a total "poundage" equalling a few pounds shy of a ton, giving new meaning to having a "ton of fun!"

Ginsel has also been highlighted in:
  • Fishing & Hunting News (Richland Chambers Reservoir, Flooded farmlands cultivate crops of lunkers , May 7-21, 1998, pp 9-10) Writer Luke Clayton.
  • Texas Lakes & bays 1999 Edition (pp 101)
  • Texas Outdoor Journal (June 2002) pp 18-20 & pp 50

Lake Fairfield - Approximately 2,700-acre lake located 1 1/2 hours south of Dallas, just a short 10 minute ride from the city of Fairfield, on FM 2570, situated in Fairfield State Park.

 Lake Fairfield is a hot water lake and this makes for some good action in the winter months. January - March it's not too hard to limit out on Hybrid Stripers and catch some nice Redfish. In the year of '99, Ginsel managed to catch a nice 37 1/2 inch Red that weighed in at 30 pounds, along with many others.

Ginsel specializes in using live & dead bait drift fishing points, flats, and creek channels. Fairfield also holds the state freshwater Redfish record of 41 1/2 pounds which was caught in March of '99. Fairfield also supports some fine bass fishing all year round.

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